Folsom Bass Team

Folsom Bass Team


Do you have a passion for bass fishing, but find it hard to share with most of your friends and contemporaries? When you start to tell a real whopper of a fishing tale, do you find people are getting up and leaving the room instead of leaning forward on the chairs and listening intently? Do you ever just wish that you could spend some time with a group of people who felt as strongly as bass fishing as you do? Perhaps it’s time for you to join Folsom Bass Team.

Bass Fishing ClubsFor as long as man has been pulling those beautiful bass out of rivers and lakes, men and women have gathered to share stories and fibs, tricks and tips, trophies and tragedies about fishing. As the modern man has become more and more fascinated with technology and moved away from his true first love of nature, it’s becoming harder and harder to find like minded peers who share your true love of bass fishing. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and once you join Folsom Bass Team the rewards may surprise you.

On top of spending time with like minded people and forging what could become lifelong friendships, Folsom Bass Team offers incredible benefits to its members. Often there will be tournaments, sometimes with food and drinks. Some bass clubs will hold frequent meetings, and you’ll get a chance to swamp fishing stories with interesting and like minded people.

Folsom Bass Team Group Buy Discounts
Bass Fishing TournamentsFolsom Bass Team, and fishing clubs in general, also usually run things called group buys. A group buy is where the bass club pools together money to buy fishing gear from a distributor at a significant discount. If you’ve ever got the long stare from a significant other after she sees how much you dropped on your favorite pastime, this alone may be reason enough to join Folsom Bass Team.

Folsom Bass Team Tournaments
And last but not least, Folsom Bass Team holds tournament events once a month and 2 day fishing trips twice a year. You’ll get the chance to back up some of that tall talk in the bass club, as well as get to see some old pro’s tricks as you hit the water with your fellow fisherman. Folsom Bass Team remains a strong fishing club that’s bond together with real commitment to our sport of fishing and mutual respect. If you love being out on the water, check out Folsom Bass Team in your area and join up – you won’t regret it!